We are a versatile subcontract engineering workshop in Karjaa.

Our strongest side is subcontracting, especially the manufacturing of small series that require repetitive welding and machining work in an engineering workshop environment. We have long experience and good references of such work, and our production and ERP systems have been optimized for these core processes. Our specialty is manufacturing parts for transport vehicles moving on wheels.

Moreover, we provide welding, machining and water cutting services by separate orders. Water jet cutting is a growing and developing area of our services.

In addition to our core operations, we design and manufacture our own products, such as crushers and laboratory equipment. Our products are exported even to South Africa, Japan and USA.

Our premises comprise of two industrial buildings (altogether about 1500 m2). We employ 15 experienced metal industry professionals, about half of them welders and the rest machinists. Our annual turnover is about 2 million euros.

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